Snowmobile Trail Reports

February 26, 2019

This is a report I received from George at the Hoop’n Holler on the north end of Lake Gogebic…….
Well, we got snow and a bunch of it!  Ewen officially received 25.9 inches and they are 14 miles east of us.  This was one of the top storms I can remember in 30 years living here.  For those up here riding, it’s going to take a couple days to get the trails back in shape.  We have at least 5-6 foot drifts in places.  There is probably going to be a lot of slush on Lake Gogebic now with the added weight of the snow, so be CAREFUL.  Groomers are out, but they are battling snow banks.  Also, it’s going to be difficult seeing over the snowbanks at stop signs, so use lots of extra caution.  Looks like riding into late March this year will happen.  Be safe everyone!

February 13, 2019

We’ve received a foot and a half of snow in the last week, and more snow is forecasted.   Jim says he feels like he’s living in a big snow globe.    He’s been out riding and reports that trails are in “beautiful” shape and it really could not get any better.    He was down at the South end of the lake on Monday and did mention that the only bad spot they encountered was on the 100 due to logging there.    He also mentioned that he’s never seen the trails in the Watersmeet area look as great with the exception of a wet area 2 miles west of Watersmeet on Trail #2.

Gogebic Area Groomers have been out and report that all trails are in good to excellent condition.   This is a great time of the week to ride as there is a lot less traffic.

Trail Conditions as reported on Tuesday, February 12th:

  • Trail 1N to White Pine: Excellent condition.
  • Trail 8 East:  Excellent condition.
  • Trail 8 West just groomed and in excellent condition.
  • Trail 102:   Good to Excellent
  • Trail 13n:    Good to excellent.
  • Trail 13S from Root Cellar to Trail 2 – excellent condition.
  • Trail 1 South – excellent condition

Valentine’s Day and President’s Day Weekend is upon us – and we love that you love to Ride the 906!     So, on this busy holiday weekend, please show some love out on our trails and on our lake and use good judgement.    Don’t drink and ride!

Some friendly reminders:

  • KNOW before you GO.  Take a couple extra minutes before you head out to check a map and plan out the day.
  • Stop at all stop signs – completely stop at all stop signs.    Look left-right-left.
  • Please remember to ride RIGHT and ride TOGETHER
  • Taking into account the above – consider that the snow we are currently getting is fluffy and creates a large powder cloud, so allow extra space between riders due to reduced visibility.
  • Riding on / along Michigan highways is illegal and if you are caught you will receive a large fine.     (THIS MEANS M28 and M64!)
  • Only off-trail ride where you 100% know it is legal
  • Pipelines and power lines are NOT public land!
  • Please keep speeds and noise low through towns.This is Mary Beth from AJ’s Walleye Lodge – where we are looking forward to another great week of riding!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Another busy weekend in the Lake Gogebic Area.   Temps warmed up from our deep freeze over the weekend, but have considerably dropped which is where they are forecasted to stay.    Thankfully, we did not receive all the predicted rain and what we did get only helped to firm up our existing base which will just work to extend our season in the long run..

Right now we are seeing white fluffy powder of which there is 3-5” predicted for today.  Forecast looks great – temps no higher than mid-teens and snow almost every single day.    John Dee’s forecast calls for 8-12” between Feb 9th and Feb 13th and we’ve received over 24” in the last week.    Groomers were out last night and all trails are reported to be in GOOD to EXCELLENT condition.


Overall trail conditions are GOOD to EXCELLENT:

  • Trail 1 North:                   Excellent
  • Trail 1 South:                   Remember there is a re-route from the North corner of the lake to West Shore Resort.   You will have to ride the lake and pick up trail 1 S at that point.    Conditions are great from there to Marenisco.
  • Trail 1/8 Corridor:           Excellent
  • Trail 8 West                      Good to Excellent
  • Trail 8 East:                      Good – thin toward Ewen
  • Trail 13 N & S:                  Good to Excellent
  • Trail 102:                           Excellent
  • Trail 100:                           Closed to Logging this season.

Please be sure to stay on the trails,  respect private property, do not drink and drive, and above all else, drive safely.  The signs on the trails are there for rider’s safety so please DO NOT remove or destroy them.

Considering joining a club where you ride – you can join the Gogebic Area Grooming at or on paypal.

Also, join in the Moonshine Rider Poker run this Saturday – you can pick up registrations at Lake Gogebic Area business.    Remember to “RIDE FAST – DRINK LAST”   Check it out on Facebook for details.

This is Mary Beth from AJ’s Walleye Lodge – where we are looking forward to a great week of riding!

Monday, January 28

Cold temps, good snowfall, and excellent grooming have made for excellent
conditions.    We had a snowy weekend here in our end of the U.P. and we’ve
got 10 days of snow in the forecast!     Temps look to get out of the sub
zeros by the end of this week and conditions are looking to be more than

Trail Conditions:

Trail 1 N/Corridor 8:   Excellent Condition
Trail 13:  Good to Excellent.
Trail 1 to Presque is in good condition and recently groomed.
Trail 102 Excellent
Trail 8 East – excellent to good once you hit Ewen
8 West Excellent
There has been a lot of traffic on the trails and on the lake, and our
mid-week traffic has also picked up.    DNR is reported to be out check for
sound and alcohol violations.
Use good judgement – don’t drink and ride – and obey all trail regulations.


Monday, January 14, 2019

Busy, busy weekend….lots of traffic out on the trails and lot of visitors in town.    We’ll start out this post by saying that we’ve had reports of snowmobilers blowing through some of the stop signs on the railroad grade and in Bergland.   Not good.  Don’t be careless.  Not even once.

That said – we can talk about our trails – which are pretty dang good right about now.

  • Corridor trail (1&8) North of Bergland was groomed overnight as was Trail 1 North and Trail 8 West all reported as good with the exception of a water hole about 2 miles out of Merriweather.
  • Trail 8 East – very good until close to Ewen where there’s less snow and small rocks showing.
  • Trail 102 also groomed during the night – reported to be very good.
  • Trail 13N was groomed yesterday – good to excellent
  • Trail 13S from Root Cellar to trail 2 – good to excellent.
  • Trail 1North:       Trail 1 N from Bergland and the North Shore of Lake Gogebic reported to be in very good condition.
  • Trail 1 South:   to Presque) recently groomed.  Good condition, however, gets thin South of Marenisco.  Groomed from Marenisco North to West Side Resort where the trail ends for now.  Option is to hop on lake and continue North about 4 mi north, then get off the lake and follow signs to where you can pick up trail system again.

It’s going to be a cold weekend, so make sure you are packing your base layer and face masks!

NWS Marquette, MI Next 24 Hours Snow Forecast:  click here

John Dee Snow Central Forecast:  click here

“Trails are great!” – Thursday, January 10, 2019

Its going to be a great weekend for snowmobiling in the Western Upper Peninsula!  All Gogebic Area Trails are reported to be in good to excellent condition and have been recently groomed.  Groomers were out Wednesday night repairing a water hole on Trail 8.

We rode trail 1 north to White Pine then onto Silver City – South Boundary road (trail 11) and down 102 all very good to excellent except trail along Lake Superior which is typically not much snow but enough. When I stepped off the trail midway thru Porcupine Mtns it was almost 30” deep. Twelve plus inches of snow from Bergland north this week was a bonus!

Its still snowing up here off and on.  John Dee snow report for next week is looking great for snowmobilers!  Come up and visit us, be safe and have fun.

“Curtain Call” – Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sled Season 2018 is on the books –but what a great season it has been!   Our weather forecast over the next few days is anything but positive for our rapidly deteriorating trails, and groomers have packed it up for the season.    Many trails are in not rideable condition, but if you are out there riding – please use caution as wet spots will re-develop with melting snow.

Delivering some of the best riding in the Country is not something that happens easily or overnight.    It a long-term group effort fueled by a team of truly dedicated, hard-working and knowledgeable (stubborn) people.    It’s a team of people who you can count on to GSD when it really matters and it’s those people who make the U.P. a unique and special place to visit and live.    Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this season a success and a big show of gratitude to Mother Nature for her fabulous appearance!   No matter how big or small your role may have been – your role is important – and it all makes a difference!

On behalf of our Gogebic Area Groomers, all our local area businesses, volunteers, members and supporters (Moonshine Riders) – we also want to thank everyone who came to ride our Gogebic Area trails this season!     We know that you have a choice of where to ride – we are glad that you choose Lake Gogebic – and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Gogebic Area Groomers have projects going on throughout the year, and we encourage (need) everyone to get involved.    We will be clear and brushing trails throughout the Summer – so let us know if you’d like to lend a hand.    You can also be a part of our efforts with a sponsorship of $30 for a single membership, $50 for a family membership and $125 for a business membership.    These can be sent to “Gogebic Area Grooming” at “P.O. Box 409, Bergland, MI 49910”.    We appreciate all donations/sponsorship and we will do our part in communicating our goals, efforts and accomplishments back to you.

This is Mary Beth at the Walleye Lodge –  signing off for now – see you in the Fall!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

We are in Late Season riding with trails are in great shape and holding up well.     With the exception of 8 East, all trails have been freshly groomed.   Had guests leaving town this morning – and they just finished riding over 1,000 miles.  Their comments:    “relatively no bumps, very little traffic”.   Spoke to Dave who is grooming on the South end of Lake Gogebic and he said that “all trails on the South end of Lake Gogebic are in excellent condition”.    Groomer Boss Rick said 102 and 1 North were groomed yesterday and are in excellent condition.    Trails closer to town receive a lot of traffic and become more challenging, but that is to be expected.

Groomers will continue to run as long as temperatures permit.      If you are thinking one more trip – you need to pull the trigger – and there is definitely some good riding to be had.

It’s still a great season – get out and enjoy!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Good morning! It is indeed a very good morning on Lake Gogebic. John Dee’s weather prediction won over and Mother Nature has delivered well over 4” of new snow since Tuesday. Posts from riders have been positive, so be sure to check out the various area pages (“Marenisco – perfect” “Trails are excellent). Groomers are out nightly and will continue to do so. Temps over the next 10 days or so are going to hover around the 30’s during the day and below freezing at night. Our Groomers take a lot of pride in being able to maintain lake season trails for your benefit. Please help us out by taking it easy on the trails, riding earlier in the day, and not riding where you know you should not be riding. There will be a lot of activity on the lake this weekend as Maple Ridge Bait and Tackle is hosting their 11th Annual Hog-A-Thon Tournament! Use additional care on the lake as there will be a lot of families and groups out there.

Trail Conditions:

  • All trails have been recently groomed – trails are hard and flat.
  • Trail 1N to White Pine: good condition.
  • Trail 8 East: Not groomed. Decent to Ewen, mostly dirt and gravel from there to Bruce Crossing
  • Trail 8 West just groomed and in pretty good shape.
  • Trail 102: Good and holding.
  • Trail 13N: Good in the morning –choppy in the late afternoon. High traffic.
  • Trail 13S from Root Cellar to Trail 2 and 100 – groomed and in excellent condition.
  • Trails coming in to Bergland are challenging as there’s always so much traffic.

Get up here and enjoy – as the curtain is going to soon close on what has been an amazing season! Remember – when coming to any intersection: LEFT; RIGHT; LEFT!!

Thanks – and have a safe and great weekend from all of us here on Lake Gogebic!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Groomers were out over the weekend and they will be out again tonight.   Current weather forecasts are across the board as John Dee’s forecast is calling for 2-6 inches of snow over the next 2 days, but local weather is showing about an inch or so.   The riders that we had in-house over the weekend indicated that trails “were not TOO bad” and conditions are better than the temps are showing.   Trails are deteriorating as you get into Bergland, and we do need an influx of new snow.   10 days of freezing and thawing have made for thin and icy trails, and groomers are filling bare spots with their “stockpiles”.   If we don’t get the forecasted snow – you may want to trailer in or out.     We are fortunate that our Groomers are resourceful and knowledgeable as they are keeping our trails in the best “late season” condition that they can so that we can enjoy for as long as we can!    We’ll update you later this week.

Here’s what we got:

  • Trail 13 South – very good shape with very few bare spots.
  • Trail 1 S: groomed last night – good condition.  Little to no bare spots.
  • 1 North – snow covered; fair to good.
  • Trails in town – not good
  • East Shore Road is bare – not good travel.
  • 8 East is bare in several spots; travel past Ewen is completely bare.

This is Mary Beth at the Walleye Lodge  –  pulling for one more week!

February 28, 2018

Gogebic Area Groomers are reporting all trails right now to be in good to excellent condition.    Trails are very hard with all the thawing and freezing and there are some icy spots/corners.    Groomers were out last night and every trail was groomed, and as long as temps drop below freezing – groomers will be able to get out.

We are experiencing typical late season conditions – temps in the 30’s during the day and teens at night.    Reports are coming in across the board as we’ve got some riders coming back say that trails are excellent (13S) and others indicating that it’s rough as you get into Bergland (8 East).   Reports are also all over the board as far as weather but the one I like best is John Dee’s which is calling for 8+ inches of snow March 4-9 so that’s what I’m going with.

We’ve got a good base, our nights are cold, and there’s a fishing tournament at the Gogebic Lodge this weekend which will take a lot of traffic off the trails.

Best advice for your weekend:  get up early – get your riding done early and then relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings and some of the most amazing sunsets anywhere!

This is Mary Beth from the Walleye Lodge trying to keep you updated with our late season, changing conditions!     Have a great rest of your week!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Received about 4” of fresh snow Sunday and about 1-2” overnight on the North Shore of Lake Gogebic.    Light to moderate snows are forecasted for the remainder of the week and the forecast is calling for below average temperatures.

Gogebic Area Groomers have reported that they are out on our trails daily and that everything is in good to excellent condition.

Trail Conditions as reported on Monday, February 19

  • Trail 1N to White Pine: Excellent condition
  • Trail 8 East:  Excellent condition.
  • Trail 8 West just groomed and in excellent condition.
  • Trail 102:   Good to Excellent
  • Trail 13n:    Good in the morning – bit choppy in the late afternoon.   High traffic.
  • Trail 13S from Root Cellar to Trail 2 and 100  – groomed this morning and in excellent condition.
  • Trail 1 South – being groomed today.

Our last week of February 2018 is soon upon us and it’s looking to be good one!

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Groomers are back out on the trail and have reported that there is plenty of snow on the trails and that yesterday’s warm up did not have a real negative impact on trails.   Had a dusting of snow last night and it does appear that we are in for 8+ inches of snow starting on Monday!   Temps will remain cold.

Casey sent  photos (on Facebook) of when he was grooming early today and he said that all groomers will be out tonight.

  • Access corridor 1/8 is in good to excellent condition
  • Trail 1 N is in excellent condition
  • Trail 102 also in good to excellent condition.
  • Trail 13 N  – Good in the a.m. – rough in the afternoon.
  • Trail 8 East – fair to good to Ewen; after that it is in pretty rough shape.
  • 13 S.  to 100 all groomed this morning and in excellent shape
  • Trail 1 to Presque Isle was also groomed early this morning – excellent.
  • Trail 1 from Marenisco to West Shore will be groomed tonight and should be in excellent shape.

The weekend is here and it’s once again – very busy.    Riders are being ticketed on M28.      Please remember that there is no snowmobile travel on M28 as well as the railroad grade along the North Shore of Lake Gogebic.     If it’s not a trail – don’t ride there 😊.

This is Mary Beth at the Walleye Lodge wishing everyone a really great weekend!.     Don’t forget that the Snowburst Festival is at the Porcupine Mountains next weekend and you can find more information on their Facebook page!

Monday, Feb. 12, 2018

Woke up to about an inch of snow this morning.   It’s a brisk, bluebird day today with cold temps and no wind – a great day to ride!   John Dee’s forecast is calling for things to be fairly quiet for the next 2-3 days, with a sharp warming of temps into Wednesday.  Cooler temperatures with the possibility of some light snows is forecasted to arrive by Thursday, and there’s 8+” in the forecast for Feb 16-21.

Gogebic Area Groomers are out on our trails daily.  Our heavy weekend traffic makes continuous grooming somewhat of a challenge but trails are back in shape after the weekend (or they will be after tonight).   We’ll see how the predicted mid-week warmup impacts our grooming schedule so check back with us for updated posts this week.  Spoke with Casey from the Lake Gogebic Motel, who, in his spare time with his brother Jesse, are out grooming trails.    Casey will be out riding and scoping out trail conditions this afternoon and he’ll be grooming 102 tonight, so watch for some posts from him 😊.     Chicago Dave is down in Marenisco and reported in that he’s groomed 13S south yesterday and said that right now trails are looking good to excellent.     Just know that are groomers are doing everything they can to ensure that they are grooming and maintaining our trails in a careful manner so that we can have good riding for the next several weeks.   Please do your part to help out.     Our guests had nothing but good comments about our trails this weekend – and even Tommy J. (one of our biggest critics) had commented that are trails were like “table tops”.

Trail Conditions as reported on Monday, February 12

  • Trail 1N to White Pine: Good condition
  • Trail 8 East:  Good condition.
  • Trail 8 West just groomed and in excellent condition.
  • Trail 102:   Bit choppy right now, but Casey will be grooming tonight and I’m sure we’ll see some footage 😊.
  • Trails 13S from Root Cellar to Trail 2 in excellent condition.
  • Trail 1:  top half was groomed yesterday, Trail 1S from the West Shore Resort to Presque Isle – being groomed today.   Good to excellent condition.
  • Trail 100 at the South end of Lake Gogebic has been groomed from Trail 13 to the Slate River.

That’s all I got for now – be sure to check back as we’ll be updating our reports and you can also keep with our groomers at .     Call or email us your photos and comments at Email .       Don’t even think of putting those sleds away – we’ve got a lot of riding yet this season!

mments, you may send them to me at Email or post a comment on the Gobegic Area Grooming Facebook page.

We will touch back with you in a couple days once we see what happens this week!

December 26, 2015

Since Christmas Eve we’ve received about 5 – 6 inches of new snow and, most importantly, temperatures are back to where they should be. Looks like highs in the 20’s and lows in the teens to as low as 10 degrees predicted for tomorrow night. Groomers have begun running the trails to “pank” the snow down and to make sure this recent heavy snow didn’t bring down anymore branches onto the trails. As soon as we receive enough snow they’ll be out on the trails with the drags attached. Please be advised to go slow on the trails as there isn’t a lot of snow down yet and there will most likely be some wet areas out there. Remember, ice has just started freezing well over this last week.

That’s all for now from Carolyn at the Hoop.  For additional information about the Lake Gogebic area please visit the chamber website at or call us at 1-888-464-3242 (888-GOGEBIC).