Snowmobile Trail Reports


Here is the reroute map for the area affected by the work on the highline north of Merriweather. We’re working hard in conjunction with the DNR and the highline people to offer a safe alternate route over this period of work on the highline. It’s imperative that you abide by the reroute signing as there will be many workers plus heavy equipment in the area of the old trail. For their safety as well as theirs please stay on the marked trails…no short cuts. The green line (the temporary route for trail 8 and 1) comes off of trail 8 west on Pendock Road, but there will also be snowmobile signs directing you through this reroute. We’d like to thank you for your patience and cooperation with this unexpected reroute.

February 23, 2015

Trails are in very good condition with a new cover of snow this morning of about 4-inches, more expected off and on today. Temps are expected to warm up to the 20’s for this upcoming last weekend in February which should make for some very comfortable riding.

Just a quick word of warning; DNR and police are ticketing anyone riding the highway, all highways, in our area along with riding on the railroad tracks or anywhere you know you’re not supposed to be. This includes riding through Bergland on the highway between JW’s and the gas station or riding from the gas station north along the highway to get to the trail connect. This is why I continually warn snowmobilers to stay on the marked trails. It’s dangerous for you and others to be riding along the highway…and will now be expensive, as well.

***VERY IMPORTANT – EFFECTIVE JANUARY 26TH THROUGH MARCH*** -The big news is a reroute over the area where trails 1, 102 and 8 west meet, north of Merriweather and west for about 5 miles. Please watch for changes and new signing (and there is plenty of it) in this area and heed all trail signage. There will be many pipeline workers plus a lot of heavy equipment in the area formally used for these trails, so for their safety as well as yours please heed the new signing and don’t take any “short cuts”.   This reroute will be in effect for most of the remainder of the snowmobile season, but we will post any changes as they occur. You will also want to top off your gas if headed north through this area as the reroute will add on an extra 10 miles (there and back) to your trip with no gas stops between Lake Gogebic and Silver City. YOU CAN NOT USE THIS AREA FOR ANY RIDING.

Keep in mind that we continue to groom our trails typically until the last day of March. Of course that depends a great deal on the weather as we’ve had years where we had to stop prior to that date but then again we’ve had years where, after receiving special permission from the DNR, we groomed as late as April 8th! There’s a lot to be said for snowmobiling that late in the season!

You can legally ride any county road that does not get plowed, but check with the Forest Service for a map to these roads. They have a waterproof one for $10.00. Call 906-932-1330 or go to for more info.

The new snowmobile maps are out and available at most local businesses. Please remember that only money put into the wooden map money boxes with the photo of the groomers on it goes back to the trails – so please be aware of this and watch for this.

That’s all for now from Carolyn at the Hoop! Keep checking back for more updates as conditions change. For additional information about the Lake Gogebic area please visit the chamber website at or call them at 1-888-464-3242 (888-GOGEBIC). Have a great day and a great ride.